Prime Music is Here and Ready to Rock!

When Amazon made the announcement that they were going to be hiking the yearly price of their prime memberships to $100 a year, some consumers started wondering if this group of services still carried as much weight as it has in the past. However, some thought this was going to make an opportunity for Amazon to ramp up their service offering to win even more customers. As it turns out, they have done just that with their new streaming music service called Prime Music.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no fee for this new music service from Amazon, assuming you already have a Prime subscription. The yearly cost has recently raised to $99.99 from $79.99. This is the main reason we are now seeing new service offerings added. This membership also gives 2 day free shipping, free Kindle eBook rentals, streaming TV and movies and more to the subscribers. You may look at it like $20/year is for the music, as this is the only new service offered since the price bump. However, Amazon has added a few of their own TV series to the Prime Video selection since.

There are many music services out there today. So, what makes the Amazon Prime Music Service different? Well, the biggest difference is the price point. Most streaming music services like Spotify, Pandora and Beats Music all utilize a very similar list of artists and songs for their listeners, some slightly larger than others. Amazon may actually have one of the smallest catalogs out there, only touting 1 million songs, but they seem to have all the new hit songs and a big list of names that you will want to remember and listen too, from the past.

Amazon’s Unique Approach To Music

Amazon was one of the first large digital music sellers to go DRM (digital rights management) free. They have a huge portal of digital and tangible music goods. Many people like to shop with them because once you purchase music, you can use their own cloud player to stream the song or you can download the music to the device of your choosing. Other similar services only allow you to put the song on a set amount of devices, but you will find no such restrictions here. Another interesting feature that many are unaware of is the AutoRip features offered with many of the CD’s available on Amazon. This free perk puts the songs of any physical album you buy into your online music cloud automatically so you need not rip the CD and upload it manually.

Similar to Google’s own music service, on Amazon you can upload your own music to the cloud as well. Utilizing this service may be one more way that Amazon will set themselves aside from other similar music services that do not allow such convenience to unify your offline and online music libraries. One service you will find on Amazon and no other self serving music cloud service, is the ability to upload your music and get higher fidelity automatically. If you upload a low quality mp3 and Amazon matches it to a song in their library they automatically upgrade the quality of your tracks.

Is Prime Worth $99.99 Per Year?

I think it is without a doubt a great deal. Prime has offered big value to any customer that buys on Amazon often for years. The free shipping is worth its weight in gold if you buy frequently from this company and there are many people that do. Now with free music, movies, TV shows, Kindle books and other specials it is a beast of a service for less than 9 dollars a month. In fact this is about the price point of most other streaming music services on the market and you get so much more, it will be hard to pass up for many consumers.