Google Fancies Up Their Image Search

The Google image search has to be one of the most popular image search tools on the planet.  Pulling images from almost ever site that it has indexed even huge photo sites like Flickr and PhotoBucket make it to listings here, this makes it possibly one of the strongest tools ever created to find online images of pretty much anything that could come to mind, both good and bad, some argue. Regardless, there are other image searches that many people think are dominant in layout and usability, well Google does not like to be 2nd bet at anything so they have changed up their image search display to see what the consumer thinks now!

It looks to be a very fast loading setup that offers a image only page display until you have hovered over an image.  Once you click on an image, you are taken to the website where the image originated, much like before, but now the image is shown big and ready to view in a clean looking ajax shadow box effect over the website instead of being at the top of the page and small.  This really makes it easy for webmasters who are searching for graphics that have been “labeled for reuse” because it cuts one step out of the image download process, cool.

They will surely be tweaking this and making some other small changes. We all know that once they start changing something, they just can’t stop right?  Well, it is looking good so far if you ask me and I can’t wait to see what they are going to do next.  Just wanted to take a quick second to let everybody know that the world’s best image search, just got better.