Why Is The Kindle Fire HD 7 Inch Cheaper Than Its Competitors?

The volume of Kindles sold may have a lot to do with the amazing price, because this has been the number 1 selling item on Amazon for years. However, another big factor is the ability for Amazon to monetize after the purchase. Many hardware manufacturers must make money on every piece of hardware they make, but not Amazon. They continue to make money from app purchases, movie rentals, ebook purchases and more.

Amazon also offers special discounts to those who don’t mind a few small ads on the device and of course you can opt out of this if you wish. This makes the current sale price of $159 and the regular price of $199 an amazing steal for any consumer that is in the market for a powerful new Android tablet.

Are There Any Reasons I Would Not Choose The Kindle Fire HD For My Next Tablet?

Yes, of course this device is not for everybody, but it sure will fit almost any consumers needs. If you are already deeply immersed into another eco system, you know the fruit company I am referring to, then this may not be the tablet for you. The simple fact that you may have already purchased a lot of content on other devices that would not be accessible from an Android device, is about the only reason that this would not be an obvious choice. However, if you don’t own other non Android devices, then this may be the perfect table at the perfect price for you.