Apple is no longer on the forefront of the technology wave in many different areas. Now, it is showing more and more. Their most recent release is an online version of their popular office suite iWork. Recently released for anybody to use for free on their iCloud account the iWork suite which includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote; the Apple equivalent to Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint for those of you who are not familiar with them. At this point, these products are of course all in beta, which means it will be interesting to see which features they will add as they actually make the official full version launch.

There Is A Lot Missing Here

For Googlers, there are a whole slue of features that are noticeably missing, like sharing collaboration and many more. Even for those who use MS Office online will notice that these are rather basic compared to their preferred office suite. It is too early to really complain about this, but if you consider Google Docs has been available to the public for over 5 years at this point, it may have made more since to release such a web app until it was at least a contender with the others already available.

A Couple Very Cool Feature After My First Look

iWork-On-iCloud-TemplatesI must admit, I am not excited about using the iWork app online to edit documents and create new ones. However, I did notice a couple of cool features right off the bat. Number one, you can drag Word documents from your desktop to the online canvas to edit them instantly, which is a nice touch, but nothing not offered elsewhere. The important thing there, is the ease of compatibility. Another very neat feature that is rather limited but available on Google Drive is the templates. You will find some nice looking and very usable templates ready for editing when you launch any of the applications from the iCloud desktop area.

Clean Layout And As Always Beautiful Apple Design

iWork-On-iCloud-Pages-EditorThis is how Apple has sold devices for three times their value for years and it is obvious they have not changed their game plan in this area. The look of the apps online are striking and Steve Jobs would definitely approve. The real shocker is that anybody with an apple id and even the free iCloud account can take advantage of these programs from any computer that has access to the web. It is interesting to see Apple give anything away for free, after all they are not known for “free” and in most every case they are well known for quite the contrary. This may be a first insight into Apple’s long ball strategy to get back on top and no matter what their plan to move forward is, it sure is nice to see them moving towards a more customer first web presence, instead of dollar driven, investor mindset.