Googles Silent TelCom Take Over

Google is a company that millions love and most people have a very high level of confidence in. Most people overlook the fact that much like Microsoft and other huge companies, they to have bought out and squashed more than one competitor in their time, because they keep dangling something shiny in front of us to keep us distracted.  After all free stuff sure makes people forget about a lot of not so sound choices they may have made in the past and Google definitely provides plenty of free stuff for us.

So many are already aware of the new and very cool “free” service Google has started called Google Voice.   This was a great idea and many people are using this service to it’s fullest by taking advantage of the totally free phone number they give you, the customized answering service that can be used from the internet or email, call filtering to only redirect calls you want and much more.  All in all the Google Voice service is simply amazing and a great value even if they were charging for it. The ability to take your voice messages in your email after they have been magically translated into text for you should be a service on it’s own, but it is just one part of this great package Google is offering for free.

I was doing some research on free calling from the internet and was surprised to find how many services still offer totally free calling from your PC.  However, in my journey I ran across this post on 100% free voip phone service using Google Voice and Gizmo which really got me exited about using the free “Skype” like app called Gizmo and the free phone number from Google paired together to make a totally free functional intnernet phone.  However, once I tried to access the Gizmo website, I realized it was down.  So back to the search engine and I soon found this link on Google’s own website

So it looks like Google has already acquired this company and is planning on integrating it with their Google voice service. Once this takes place it will cost to make outgoing calls, pretty much like the service that Skype is offering. With heavy competition from companies like Vonage and my personal favorite Magic Jack, it will be interesting to see how Google fits into the new age of VOIP and how long before the telephone companies that we now know are gone altogether. You can read more about this on the Google Voice Blog here.