Google I/O 2012 started yesterday and there are a lot of cool new gadgets, features and more coming your way all thanks to Google. The devices that were released were not so much of a big surprise considering most of the information was already leaked on the internet before the actual presentation took place. This doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t have some more tricks up their sleeves for the coming days of this developer conference. Today, the second day of the conference, there were a couple more newsworthy releases too, so go ahead and keep reading to see what is new from Google.

Along with all sorts of amazing updates to the android os, they have also made some new updates to how application updates work on the Android Market. Now when you update an app, you don’t have to download the whole file, just the parts that changes. Google hopes this will cut down your bandwidth and battery usage and that sounds like a pretty cool way to give you more out of a device you already own to me!

Google’s Social Streaming Media Device – Nexus Q

I must say to me this was probably the least exciting of the new products that Google released on the first day of Google I/O, but it is pretty neat all the same. Using this spherical shaped device, you can in effect allow all your friends to stream their own media from Google services directly to your device. It is setup for a party type queue. Everybody that you grant access to can use their own android device to queue their own music up on a shared playlist. It comes with a 25w amp and as cool as this sounds, it seems like it will never get off the ground with a $299 price tag.

New Google Tablet – The Nexus 7

The long awaited Google tablet is going to be available very soon. If you have been waiting for this one, it was well worth it. Asus has partnered with Google to create this very cool and very powerful 7″ tablet that will ship with the latest version of the Android OS (Jelly Bean). It would seem apparent that they are going to challenge the Kindle Fire market more than the Apple iPad with its smaller form factor. They are also going after a very competitive price point. The 8GB version will sell for $199 and the 16GB tablet will go for $249. When it comes to hardware this tablet offers a big quad-core Tegra processor and a 12-core GPU that should give this little mighty might enough power to run some amazing 3-d games and stream videos with no problems. Below you will find the original promo video, but you can learn even more about the Nexus 7 by watching the unboxing Nexus 7 video here.

Chrome For iOS Finally!

Here is another release that many Google fans have been waiting on for some time now. Their are so many browsers already available on the iPhone, but there is nothing like the Chrome browser and who wants a slow browser on their phone? The speed of this browser is yet to be documented, but many who have already downloaded this #1 free app in the iTunes App Store have already reported faster page load times than the Opera browser or Safari for iOS currently offers. This browser is forced to use the same backend code that Safari uses per Apple’s so called security measures, but for some reason the page loads seem much snappier.

Using this cool browser you can also sync your open browser pages from any computer that you are currently logged into Chrome on. This means from the office to the car is seamless now and that is a cool feature. Also the ability to have many tabs open simultaneously without bogging down the browser seems to be another big thumbs up for those that need 20 tabs open to feel like they are browsing.

Skydiving With Google Glass

Google Glass has been a project in the works for some time and these space aged looking terminator glasses are getting one step closer to being something that is very awesome, but not quite there yet. The current Google Glass models only offer audio and video recording which was showcased at the conference when skydivers wore them as they plummeted to earth and people repelled down the side of walls. With these first person views that were streamed to a Google Hangout, really did turn some heads. They offered to sell some to developers for $1500 but they would not be shipped until early next year.

I am very excited about all the cool new stuff Google has showcased so far and there is still one day left in the Google I/O 2012 dev conference so it will be interesting to see what else they have in store too.

Let us know what you think about the Google news below!