Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook

The Google notebook is coming very near. In fact they are already asking for testers, to start tinkering around with their new prototype Chrome powered notebooks. The Google CR-48 Chrome notebook is going to start shipping out to a few lucky souls for absolutely free before the end of the year. Yes, you may actually know somebody who has already received an invite or you have just stumbled upon their Pilot Program where you, your business or your organization can apply to be the first testers on the market.

This new Google authorized notebook will be sure to turn some head and raise the question “Do we really need a operating system at all?” to many users. The cloud based Chrome OS is about ready to hit the streets for real and only time will tell how earth shattering this news really is. There are a lot of consumers who have high hopes for Google making a serious move in the PC world and bringing affordable and usable computers to the masses once and for all.

The very nondescript look of the laptop is definitely a way to keep prying eyes from knowing what you are working with, but because they have already put images on the net, we don’t know why they did not at least slap a Google sticker on the back of it.

Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook Screen Shots

Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook

There are no complete spec sheets on what Google has put together yet. However, here is what Google is saying about the first ever official Google Chrome Laptop:

The Cr-48 is the test notebook we designed for the Pilot program. It’s the first of its kind.

It’s ready when you are, booting in about 10 seconds and resuming from sleep instantly. There’s built-in Wi-Fi and 3G, so you can stay connected everywhere, and a webcam for video chat. The vibrant 12-inch LCD display, full-size keyboard and oversized touchpad let you enjoy the web comfortably. And at just 3.8 pounds with over eight hours of active usage and a week of standby time, it’s easy to take along for the ride.

What did we leave out? Spinning disks, caps-lock key, function keys, and lap burns.

The Cr-48 is available exclusively to participants in the Pilot program.

More Information About The CR-48 Chrome Laptop

The official release of this new web operating system based laptop has not happened yet. There is more information on what is in the works, so if you want to learn all the ins and outs of this new laptop and want to see if Google will ship one to you for testing, check out the Google Laptop Pilot Program and see if you can be one of the lucky googlers to test it and get a free laptop to boot. Looking for more information on the new Google Chrome Cr-48? Let Google tell you more about the features on their new operating system by visiting their official project site here : Google Chrome Laptop Features

If you want to learn more about he new Google laptop just keep checking back here, we will be posting more information as we get it and will be posting plenty of screenshots if we get one for testing.