Recently I have personally upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy SIII and I must admit I love this phone. I was a passionate iPhone advocate for many years but there is just no comparison to the control and features that the android OS to what the iOS currently offers. I don’t want to get into a mobile phone operating system rant right now, I just want to talk about this cool little smartphone accessory I ran across that will make all smartphone owners happy no matter what phone they own.

Portable Fast Action Kick Stand For Any Smartphone

There are many cool cases for different phones that will allow you to add a kickstand to your phone. This allows you to set the phone down and display it like a small monitor on a tabletop while you view videos or other content. The Evo has had a kickstand built in for a few generations, but not many other phones have ever offered this simple but powerful feature. The Flexi allows you to simply add a suction cup to the back side of any phone and use it as a portable stand for the phone. Like I said simple, but genius!

Flexi Smartphone Stand Review Video

Check out this video to see the Flexi in action and me stumble through my first video in some time.

These are really cheap and are great to keep in your pocket or just your travel bag. If you like to watch movies and TV shows on your phone, this is definitely a must have and for a few bucks you simply can’t go wrong. Please leave your thoughts on this flexible rubber phone stand and let others know your own experience using such devices below.