Where Is Facebook eMail?


There was a big announcement about a week ago that Facebook would be releasing their own mail service to rival other popular mail services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Hotmail. When you open a new message in Facebook it currently says you can add an email address to send a message to, but many users have found that even this newly added feature is not working yet. If you are one of the many Facebook users who is wander where the new Facebook email is you are not alone. Facebook has recently purchased FB.com from the Farm Bureau and this may be what they are going to use for the new email addresses to allow users to have a very short url.

The mail system from Facebook has yet to officially roll out, but you can currently ask for an early invite to the Facebook email system if you are interested in checking out the newest Facebook features. Here is the address of the official Facebook email request page: http://www.facebook.com/about/messages/

Have fun checking out the new Facebook email and hopefully you get your invite soon. I for one am not sure if using a dedicated Facebook email address has any value for me, but there are many people who are very excited about this new feature. I am more interested in getting accepted into the Google CR-48 Notebook Pilot Program! If you are already using the Facebook email please leave a comment below and let everybody know what you think about this new service from FB.