Twitter Account Backup

Tech Bloq is growing and is going to start covering many various topics, we think that Twitter is an intriguing entity and love to follow whats new with it.  So for our first article on Twitter, we wanted to share something interesting and useful.  Hope you enjoy!

We know that there seems to be about a million different apps to help you view, manipulate and control your twitter account, but this is the first ever, that we know of at least,  to allow you to backup your twitter account! We dont know how important all the tweets you send out are, but if you have ever wanted to look back and see what others have send you there is no better way than using this absolutely free twitter tool.

If you are a business, looking back at the past messages you sent may be a good metric to see the success of your twitter marketing campaign.  However, this could be just as interesting for the individual too.

Tweetake Allows users to login to twitter and then back up all of there account data. The output file is created as an easy to use Excel .csv file, so if you have MS Office, or pretty much any other office program in the world you can view all your followers, messages and friends in one spreadsheet. No more scrolling and scrolling on twitter and waiting for twitter to quit timing out. Just download your info and your on your way!

There are so many twitter apps out there these days, we are always surprised when we run across another one that was actually helpful, useful and free.  This twitter app may not be for everybody, but it sure is a great service for those who will use it.