Run Android Apps On Your Windows PC

Windows and Android may not sound like a match made in heaven, but the fact that the latest release of Windows that will be coming to stores near you very soon, will be offering “apps” tells you that this is where things are going. Mobile is so huge that that there are no more mobile internet devices activated than actual PC’s and Mac’s. It sounds strange, but when you think about it, there are very few people who do not have one if not more than one mobile device that allows them to get to the web like a cell phone, tablet device or mobile gaming system. So the question is are you looking for more apps?

If you answered yes, then the TechBloq Team has a very pleasant surprise for you today. We have just happened to run across what we think is one of the coolest software tech nuggets we have seen in a very very long time. The BlueStacks application will allow you to run Android Apps on your desktop and if you are already using the Android OS on another device you can even synchronize your apps across your other devices and to your PC, how friggin sweet is that!

Do The Apps Work?

Surprisingly yes! All the apps that we have tested thus far actually work and work well. The BlueStacks App Player, seems to have got it right. We are sure at some point, there may be some issues with apps that are looking for a gyroscope or accelleromitor, but the majority of all applications can get by with substituting your computers keyboard, mouse, monitor, microphone and camera for one that would otherwise be on the Android tablet or phone.

Do I have To have An Android Device To Use The BlueStacks App?

No, not at all. If you do have an Android enabled phone or tablet, there are some cool features that this makes available. However, you can run this Android virtualization app as a standalone program on any Windows computer.

Why Mobile Apps and Mini Programs Are Making A Comeback

They say all things are cyclical and the computer world is no different. In years past, people were trying to integrate everything and create large bulky apps that performed many different tasks. Now, the industry is moving back towards simplicity and Microsoft wants a piece of that pie. Microsoft has two different Windows environments that will ship with Windows 8 and you guessed it, one of them is a complete eco-system to run their “apps” many made originally for mobile devices running the Windows Phone OS.

Apple has almost formed a monopoly in this space, at least for paying app purchasers, but you will find that the Android marketplace has many applications that cost money for the IOS that are completely free to download. This makes the Android Marketplace and the BlueStacks App a very dangerous combination for both Microsoft and Apple. If you are looking for a way to break away from the herd and still have a huge selection of great apps, this may be just what you are looking for.