Number 2 Facebook Almost As Big As Google!

We know you love facebook and all your friends are already on the site.  But did you know that it is actually the second largest, the second most traversed site on the planet?  Well, we did not either until we read this article, so we decided to republish it here on TechBloq, with written permission of course.

This article is quoted in its entirety from and we do have full permission to do so.

facebookYes, Facebook.  You have heard of it, you have profile there now most likely.  If you are trying to get ahead with your marketing efforts on the internet the question is are you using it?

It is pretty much common knowledge at this point that social sites are some of the most effective places on the web to market a product or service.  By their very nature, they allow for you to find your target marketing and well, market to them.  So, if you are not using Facebook, I have a couple topics to bring up that may change you mind on this subject.

I often get asked which is better or

There is really no competition between the 2 any more.  Years ago, when Facebook started I am sure that there was a power struggle for which would prevail as the most popular social network.  The race has long been over now and is the obvious winner.  Facebook is no the 2nd most popular site on the planet only bowing down to the king Google.  There may be some people still using for friends and family and there is nothing wrong with this.

Most of the information I share here is for people who are either trying to promote a product or make money using affiliate systems. Because of this, I do look at the sites from a different aspect than the common web surfer.  However, many of the reasons I love Facebook and suggest its usage so highly are the same reasons that anybody would like to use a social network, for any reason.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Facebook For Marketing

  1. Exposure – If you want to get your links out and on a site that is popular, the only site that gets more visits in the world is Google.  So don’t think for a minute that you are going to get more exposure on some other social network!
  2. No Spam – Well, I am sure there is some, but it is almost invisible compared to myspace.  It seems that Facebook has taken all the right steps to keep junk out of your inbox and off your pages, so this seems to make it a clear choice where I would want to spend my time.
  3. Facebook Pages – Unlike myspace who only lets you take advantage of “groups” Facebook allows you to make static pages to advertise, promote and grow you business.
  4. Less Flash, More Bang! – There are so many distractions on other social networks that it is like going to Wal-Mark to get milk and coming out with a shopping cart full of stuff you didn’t want in the first place.  Facebook has a clean layout that does not have a bunch of moving pictures, flashy ads all over and other various junk.
  5. Effective Communication – The setup of Facebook groups, chat and messaging really makes Facebook my choice for communicating with folks on social networks.  After all a social network should be setup to allow you to be social!

You can get a lot of return for your time invested on sites like these.  I will be writing some new articles on how to use social sites effectively very soon, so subscribe to our rss feed now and we will keep  you updated.  If you want to find me on Facebook, just click the little facebook icon on the right side of the screen.