Google Voice Out Of Beta

The Google Voice service has been one of the most anticipated Google services of all time, only second to the launch of Gmail. They have only been allowing users who have received an invite to take part in this beta and it filled up very fast! The Google Voice service allows people to use a myriad of very cool and useful phone services. You can forward phone calls to different phone numbers based on the caller id or the name of the caller. Another great feature offered by this service is the ability to receive your voice mail in your email.  Google’s servers will actually translate voice into text for you.  There are many other great features being offered and for now at least they are all free to use, except calling overseas.

There is no more waiting for an initiation, now you can simply go signup at the site : You can choose to get a new phone number to tie to your account or you can use an existing mobile number for your service. Both have their advantages, so choose wisely!