Google Public DNS Servers Go Live!

The Google push to speed up the Internet continues.  The public DNS Servers that Google is now providing the worlds first set of public DNS servers available to anybody who wants to use them.  This is all part of Googles push to make the Internet a faster and safer experience for everybody. In theory it sounds good, but of course skeptics think that this is just another way for Google to control information and grab more personal data without asking.  In actuality they are offering a lightning fast service for free that works off a database of known problem domains to help keep its users safer and browsing faster.

Setting Up Google DNS On Your PC

So I had to check it out for myself.  They offer these DNS Server IP Addresses:

Free DNS Servers From Google : and

For complete instructions on setup, check out this information on Google Code : Google Public DNS

From their on-line suggested instructions, they will walk you through setting up your PC to connect to these name servers in the DNS tab of your Internet settings.  However, I figured we may as well go to the route of problem and drop them right on the router, so that is exactly what I did.  I am not suggesting this, just stating how I went about making the change on my home network.  If you are connecting wirelessly, you may find this to be the only way to make the change too.

Personal Experience From Google DNS

I know of  a few sites that I frequent that normally simply spin in the browser as they load and using the new Google DNS these pages now load snappy, just like any others. I was actually amazed instantly by the change that using these alternate name servers made in my browsing experience. Of course you are not going to find a faster way to connect to any Google ran service than using their own name servers, but google apps and gmail seem to be loading in record time now too.

How Does Google DNS Work?

So all in all, I think that this is a great service and it is free so you have nothing to loose in trying it.  Just write down your old name server before you switch just in case and if your DNS servers are being picked up by your ISP, you need not write anything down, just remove the public DNS provided by Google if you do not experience a positive result and you will be back to where you started.  For those that have security concerns, What are you doing that your so worried about is our question to you.  If you think that nobody is watching your Internet traffic now, then we dont know what to tell you.  But if you want to experience a faster web, Google has the answer for you.