Google Buzz Big Bang Theory?

Well if you are not already familiar with Google Buzz you can click that link and learn all about it.  Most likely you have been hearing so much about it recently that you are tired of even reading the with that in mind Buzzzzzz!  OK just kidding, Google Buzz in the first real attempt at a social network or at least the framework of a good social network by the search engine giant Google.

Now this was released almost a week ago, well it will be one full week on Tuesday the 16, 2010.  The point is that this Buzz is getting a lot of Buzz, but it is in every Gmail inbox across the globe, so there is no surprise that it is getting noticed.  The service does fit nicely into the inbox and gives you a new way to follow friends and share photos, videos and more, socially that is.

If you want to see how big the response really is to Google Buzz, check out this article: Google Buzz Mobile and Gmail Social Features

The question is, will this continue to grow and thrive or is this one going to go off like a firecracker and then be done?

Only time will tell and we will keep you posted.