Google App Store

The title was not a typo, Google has announced that they are going to release there very own Apps store by the end of next week.  Apple has had so much success with the Apple Apps Store that everybody wants a piece of the pie now.  There is also another group which comprises of a team of big name cell phone makers that is currently teaming up to build a standardized app store that will be able to serve up applications for a long list of phones.  Moving to a standard cell phone app theme is one way that app developers will be able to get more exposure and of course one way these companies can make more money.

Currently there is a Android Market and you can purchase paid apps and download free apps for your Nexus One here.  However, apparently Google has their eyes set on something bigger. This year AT&T will get 3 new phones that are running the Google Android OS and these phones will be utilizing this new Google App store as their primary source for new games, utilities and more!

It seems like everybody wants to jump on the mobile device App bandwagon and we don’t blame them.  This is obviously what the consumer wants and there are plenty of buyers out there.  We wonder if Apple will release a standardized version of their own app store soon to compete with all the new competition as it pops up, but only time will tell.