Google Adwords On TV?

Yep, Pay Per Click Just Got A Lot More Interesting!

This service has been offered by Google for a little while, but is still very new and many advertisers do not even know about it yet.  However, if you are using Google to help you spread the word about your website, now you can utilize the biggest Television networks out there to get even more exposure.

One of the biggest advantages offered by Google that you will not get from standard TV ads, is the low price to enter this advertising market. Traditional Television advertising would require the advertiser to purchase large blogs of time or huge packages that may not have been cost effective. Now you can grab as many or as few ad slots as you need using this new feature on Google Adwords.

You can also choose from all sorts of demographics to make sure that your ads are being viewed by your target audience.  You can choose specific shows to allow or even block shows that you do not want you ad to be displayed on.  Google continues to bring the good for advertisers so I guess that this is was the next logical step and we should have seen this as a future option for them a long time ago.

Now, keep in mind that these are TV ads so the ppd or price per display will be considerable larger than other advertising medium.  The response has been pretty good so far, so this may be a great option for you and your business if you are looking to get some new exposure that is measurable, scalable and target-able.