2010 Advertising To Be Spent On Digital Not Print

Outsell Inc has taken a survey from advertisers for the past 5 years to find out how they plan to spend their advertising dollars. For the first time ever, spending for Digital and Online Marketing is going to surpass Print ads. This is a historic moment for advertising, one where a new medium has stood up and taken the place of old standards. The future of marketing is sure to put further focus on digital media, now that we know where the advertisers are spending there top dollar.

Starting five years ago Outsell started researching how advertising money was planned to be spent in the US. This year they released the “Marketing and Ad Spending Study 2010: Total US and B2B Advertising,” focusing on online spending, tv and radio, events, print (magazine and newspaper ads), and PR and other. They have been the leading source for information based on their surveys and research based analysis. For digital media advertising these stats have been intriguing in the past, but this year the shift was simply staggering.

Outsell surveyed 1000 US advertisers in December 2009 for its report and the data collected. The data reveals how companies plan to spend in 2010, especially after the recent global economic crises. There is no question that the highest spending moving into the new year will be online, not in print.

Companies want to grow their brand name and find new leads, and getting new business. Many companies are starting to realize the strength of online advertisements and business. Most of the bigger companies already have their own websites and presence on the web. Outsell’s study shows that the highest ratings among advertisers are their own website, conferences, trades shows, direct mail, search engine keywords, and other e-marketing.

Another interesting finding is that more than half of B2B marketers rate FaceBook as valuable. LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace were also in the findings showing that social networks are on the rise among advertisers as a way to increase their presence on the web. These sites offer very targeted advertising and most use a similar pay per click system to the popular Google Adsense system. The advertising of the future may be right in front of you!